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M's Musical Expression On the River

M’S MUSICAL EXPRESSION_Exceptional Acoustic Concerts

Since ancient times music accompanies our lives, in fact it is considered a “universal language” that resonates our emotions deeply. An incentive to life, translated into enjoyment. Music in sex play creates positive vibrations that trigger, adding pleasure to pleasure by giving pace to passion.
The Maison de L’Amour invites its members to the evenings for real acoustic concerts in which to experience different “erotic situations” in music time. You will find a warm and engaging atmosphere and it will be even more fun leaving your soul and body to the pleasure of living intensively every moment …
Pop music is a genre that accompanies us since the ’50s that comes from rock’n roll or a contemporary musical makrener.
The pop aims to trigger emotional relationships closely related to the recognition factor by presenting (in the form of melodic pieces) of topics generally related to the theme of romantic love.
WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY from 9.30 pm an intriguing appointment with this band.
The free naturist massages is always available from 6 pm.