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M's Bite Tasting of excellence

Exclusive tastings with culinary experiences, novelties of the Autumn Maison.

The Maison offers its members an evening dedicated to tasting artisan products and excellence

On Thursday 23 November from 20.00 we will have the honor of hosting the winery of the Gussalli Beretta family WINE MASSO_LANGHE PIEMONTE for the second occasion of the month, where two excellent Italian wines will be presented:

* LANGHE NEBBIOLO DOC: ruby red with slight violet reflections. The nose is wide and wide with floral notes of purple and fruity raspberry, cherry and plum. On the palate harmonious, full sapido with slightly dry dry and pleasantly fruity finish
BARBERA D’ALBA DOC: clear, intense garnet with purple reflections. It is nose-like, broad with hints of rose, blackberry, chocolate and sweet tobacco. Taste full, harmonious, warm, slightly salty with delicious and spicy finish
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* PIEDMONT MOSCATO CATERINA: brilliant straw yellow with delicate greenish reflections. A delicate white foam solves in a very delicate and very persistent perl. Aromatic, floral and fruity bouquet. Taste pleasantly sweet and fresh for moderate alcoholicity and just sour sapidity, it is soft and rich in Muscat-like feelings of Moscato grape. Very long and intense aromatic persistence. All accompanied by chicken cuts of game with tomato, Piedmont beef tart and bonet of chocolate.
They have always known the beneficial effects of wine on health and often talk about the relationship between wine and sex, but what is it all about? Is wine really good at sex? Wine increases sexual desire. Sexual sphere would be affected by polyphenols contained in wine. These, combined with the low amount of alcohol (never more than 20%), act on the nerve centers, relaxing and disinfecting gentle sex and genital apparatus, ensuring greater lubrication and therefore pleasure in orgasm. But even on men, the effects are just as good, wine can in fact be considered a natural viagra, as a vasodilator, which increases the blood flow to the various districts, including “important” ones.

Maison offers this opportunity to its members, always thinking about the benefits that one can draw from …
We are waiting for you to withdraw your exclusive EXCLUSIVE BITE invitation that will allow you to attend this unforgettable evening.