Enter the Club does not give the right to have sexual performance: with education and good manners everyone can present himself but everyone is free to refuse. The entrance to the club is restricted to adult members. To access the Club you must fill out the online form, the same pre accession will be assessed by the Board. After receipt of acceptance you may come to the club by showing a valid ID. The membership assures you the respect of the law and the protection of privacy.A card will be issued that will allow new members to access the Club. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry if behaviors / attitudes unsuitable and disrespectful towards the structure and our guests. Inside the Club is NOT allowed to use mobile phones, cameras or any recording device. Inside the Club is NOT allowed the use of illegal substances. It NOT allowed to profit in any way by the members and propose sexual services for a fee. Respect, education and hygiene are mandatory in order to remain within the Club. In your own interest, therefore, recommend the use of precautions and good personal hygiene. It NOT allowed to have sex in the spa area.

Violation of any of these rules will cause the immediate expulsion of the Club.